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Although they are no longer drawing the attention they did several years ago, macro viruses still have the potential to be a serious threat to computer users. In order to protect users of Microsoft Office Applications, Microsoft has found it necessary to warn users whenever a file being opened contains macros and gives them the option of disabling them. While this feature can be disabled to eliminate the warnings, it is turned on by default in Microsoft Excel, which disables all unsigned macros.

In order to enjoy all the features that our Excel applications provide, you will need to enable macros. Rest assured that the macros are safe and perform only basic Excel functions. See the Macros Disabled topic on our Support page for detailed instructions on enabling macros in all versions of Excel.

We have a Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate from Thawte, a VeriSign company, that insures proper verification of credentials and provides digital certificates. All of our products have been signed with the digital certificate signature, a guarantee that they come directly from DJI Computer Solutions and have not been tampered with.

We want to assure you that we take every precaution to insure that our Microsoft Excel software applications are completely free of macro viruses. We have the latest version of the top rated anti-virus software running continuously in the background. We specifically scan all the files in our applications before and after we prepare them for distribution. All of our programs are password protected to prevent tampering after their release. As an extra measure of security, it is wise for any computer user to run anti-virus software, which automatically scans executable and Excel files before opening them.

Additional Information

The VBA routines in our Excel programs do not act outside the files that contain them. They do not act on other programs or computer settings and they do not write to the Windows registry.

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All of our online product registration payments are handled securely by Paypal. PayPal provides completely secure transactions and allows you to use a credit card to e-mail funds to us and receive the registration number for your product almost immediately. They are the industry leader in providing safe and secure transactions on the internet.