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Checkbook for Excel  DJI Computer Solutions

Thank you for using Checkbook for Excel. This is a fully functional version that will expire in 24 days. If you like the program and would like to continue using it, you need to obtain a registration code to remove the expiration feature or revive the program if it has expired. Registered users receive free technical support, including free minor upgrades and maintenance releases.
How to Register
Checkbook for Excel is a custom application written for Microsoft Excel and is completely compatible with Excel 2007/2010/2013 or higher. This version is an upgrade of the popular version 5. It includes a host of new features and improvements, including the addition of new transaction types, the ability to transfer funds between accounts, include multiple ledgers in Reports, split transactions into more categories, import data from multiple file formats, customize the appearance of Ledgers, and a host of other improvements and new features.
It improves on the original intuitive yet powerful interface from the earlier versions and provides all the necessary features for managing your checking accounts, savings accounts and accounting ledgers without all the excess baggage and gratuitous advertising associated with the popular personal finance packages. This makes it faster and easier to use. Checkbook for Excel provides exactly what you need; a simple, powerful, easy way to track, maintain and balance your bank accounts, credit cards and other business and personal expenses.
You may receive a security warning when you open Checkbook for Excel for the first time and you will need to enable the program macros for the program to function properly. See the Macros and Security topic for more details and additional instructions.
License Agreement